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Re: X Mouse doesn't work on 8500; how to accellerate X

On   8 Apr, this message from Michael D. Crawford echoed through cyberspace:
> One more question - the X server started up fine as it was
> configured by
> default but does not have accellerated video.  My Mac doesn't support
> accellerated 3D but I think it does support 2D accelleration.  Can I do
> this with the framebuffer driver?  Do I need to compile in a different
> framebuffer driver than the one that comes with the stock kernel?  Will
> 2D accelleration work on this mac with a 2.2 kernel or will I need a 2.4
> kernel?

If you're using the built-in graphics, then you're out of luck re.
acceleration. For _really_ fast graphics, you need to get an affitional
PCI graphics card.

The built-in graphics, 'control', has close to no 2D acceleration. The
only thing known (as the community doesn't have access to the chip
specs) is that it has a hardware cursor (which is unsupported in Linux).

The only other things you can do to make it go a bit faster is better
use of the unaccelerated hardware. One thing you can do is look here:


There are patches to change the caching of the framebuffer, and hence
make scrolling around 4 times faster. Overall, it's not 4 times faster,
though..... Get the patch and apply to your favourite kernel source.

I don't think this is included in the debian kernels, is it? Anyway, it
should be in Linus' kernels with the next batch of PPC changes (which,
as we all know, can take an eternity and a half...)



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