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Re: X Mouse doesn't work on 8500; how to accellerate X

On 15 Nisan 5761, Michael D. Crawford wrote:

> One more question - the X server started up fine as it was
> configured by default but does not have accellerated video.  My Mac
> doesn't support accellerated 3D but I think it does support 2D
> accelleration.  Can I do this with the framebuffer driver?  Do I
> need to compile in a different framebuffer driver than the one that
> comes with the stock kernel?  Will 2D accelleration work on this mac
> with a 2.2 kernel or will I need a 2.4 kernel?

As far as this goes, I do not believe that your Mac has accelerated
video.  It is optimized in some ways for QuickDraw, I think, so MacOS
can do some relatively fast video on it (faster, say, than the
built-in on the Nubus PowerMac's; I have an 8600 and I'm in roughly
the same boat), but that doesn't help XFree much.  About the only
thing you can do is to find a supported video card and take up one of
those precious slots.  I've heard good things about the Voodoo cards;
I was looking for an ATI Rage Orion but right when I had the extra
money, everybody sold out of them.  I'm thinking about an ATI Radeon
but I'm waiting to make sure that somebody else gets it working first.

I will say that upgrading to XFree 4 (from woody) significantly slowed
the video further.  Others have recently mentioned the slow GNOME
logout (which I disabled); several seconds to "dim" the screen for the
logout dialog box.  Yikes.  I don't recommend upgrading to XFree4
unless you have to.

You could also try running it at a lower bit depth, say 16- or 8- if
you can stomach it.  Unfortunately I have to have 24, so I put up with
it and don't play a lot of games on this machine.  *smiles*

As far as your mouse problem goes, have a look in the archives
regarding the new input layer, building the new devices, etc.  It's a
little tedious but it isn't hard to fix.  The kernel and input layer
are messed up on the 2.2r2 boot floppies, yes.

I bought a USB card at OfficeMax for US$30 that I dropped into my
8600, that "just worked"; it's great, I only keep the ADB mouse handy
for BootX now.
Charles Sebold
16th of Nisan, 5761
I woke up this morning and couldn't find my socks, so I called
information.  She said they were behind the couch.  She was right.
						-- Stephen Wright

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