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Re: upgrade to MacOS 9.1, now lilo dissapears

On Sun, Apr 08, 2001 at 10:14:32PM +0800, Kin Chung wrote:
> >the Apple_Bootstrap type is better though, bootloaders should not be
> >visable to MacOS.
> I've found that the bootstrap partition is visible under Darwin
> (the #$%&* thing automounts it).  This may or may not become a
> problem in the future.

OSX beta did that too, ive been told the final no longer mounts type
Apple_Bootstrap partitions (i had a friend who is a apple developer
member file a bug for me) 

the public beta did not appear to cause any damage to it, it did not
render it unbootable, only left some macosish droppings all over the
floor.  and insisted on mounting it mode 0777 which is a huge security

Ethan Benson

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