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Re: X dies while I'm not looking...

On 15 Nisan 5761, David J. Roundy wrote:

> I'm not sure if this is powerpc-specific, or not, but I have a
> somewhat annoying issue where X will die if I stop using it for a
> while (e.g. leave the room or work on a virtual terminal).  It does
> this whether I am just sitting in kdm or if I'm logged in under X,
> and seems to happen every ten minutes if I'm not using X.  It has
> been happening for weeks, but only recently did it happen while I
> was logged in on X, since usually I don't stay on X if I'm not using
> it.

Had this problem myself; looks like the screen blanking code isn't
working.  Fixed it by either running an active screensaver or using
the built-in blanking, and I also put this in my .xinitrc (probably
different for you since you use a display manager):

xset -dpms s noblank

Charles Sebold
15th of Nisan, 5761
It got to the point where I had to get a haircut or both feet firmly
planted in the air.

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