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Help for installation of 2.2r2

First of all, I am new here and so I say hello to everybody.
Then the question(s): in the past I installed various releases of YellowDog
Champion Server and Suse Linux for PowerPc, and succeeded  with not so much
difficulties in solving the  problems I found during the installation
process and the setup of the system. Now I'm trying and re-trying to
install Debian 2.2r2 on my iMac rev.B, but I can't get it to work.
I have to notice that a lot  of things were simpler with other
distributions, and that the installer seems to me not very "Mac-aware"; for
example I can't found my monitor or video device or mouse among the ones the
installer suggest me, and there is no simple tool to configure X. The
installation guide has the same problems of the installer, and can't help
me. So it seems as if Debian is a 'only for expert' distro.
But I really would like to install it in my iMac, and so I'm here to ask you
some questions:
1) Is it better that I wait for a 'more Mac-aware' release?
2) At the first reboot of the iMac, after I have installed only the base
system, and so I've done nothing particular,  I get some 'unresolved
symbols' message warning from depmode: is it normal?
3) I don't understand which is the best way to install packages: the guide
suggests not to use dselect for the first installation, but the simpler
tasksel. But for example if I select phyton packages from the list I always
get an error message related to dependencies problems. Morover the guide
says that some standard packages are not installed by default, and to avoid
this to run tasksel -s without selecting any packages. If so, what is the
use of tasksel?
4) I can't get mouse to work, neither in the console nor in X. Morover, I
can't get X to work. Could someone tell me which server is installed with
this distro and help me to set up it correctly?

Thanks in advance.
"Like a bird on the wire
 like a drunk in a midnight choir
 I tried in my way to be free."
      L. Cohen, "Bird on the wire"

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