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Re: Playing CD's on Pismo

"Michel Dänzer" <michdaen@iiic.ethz.ch> writes:

> "Jason E. Stewart" wrote:
> > I am unable to get CD's to play on my Pismo. I've searched the WWW and
> > found a few clues, but nothging that worked. Can someone provide a
> > clue?
> apt-get install xmms-cdread/testing (or unstable)

> The drive isn't connected to audio out in current machines.

Thanks Michel. 

Oh... I get it. Ok XMMS works, I get music using the ESound output,
but it's playing at half-speed, with clicks and other problems, and
with the OSS output I just get line noise. Any idea what causes that

I searched the archives but it was a real pain finding any info...

I wound up using grip/bladenc and just ripping the CD and playing

I would like to know how to fix XMMS, though.


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