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Re: Yaboot Config Question

>I am trying to get Debian 2.2 on a 9600/200MP.
>When I reboot I get the Disk with the X in it. Which means I
>need to configure My boot loader. I can't get into OF I get a
>black screen.
>I boot with the floppies and go to a shell I mount my root
>partion (/dev/sda3) to /target and run ybin -b /dev/sda3.
>It tells me there's no config file. or it tells me it's not a
>HFS file system.
>I am used to Lilo and debian on i386. would some one give me a
>clue on what steps I am suppose to do to configure yaboot.
>If I am doing this ass backwards send me a Link to were I can
>learn the PowerPC way. 

Yaboot won't run on a 9600 machine (oldworld). If you use a pre-8.6
MacOS, just use BootX. If you use a more recent version and want SMP
to work, use either miBoot (possibly via a floppy) or quik, which is
the OF bootloader for oldworld.


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