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TiBook X issues

Could someone post a step-bystep tutorial of how to get X running at the correct (largest) resolution on a TiBook?  Dispite my repeated attempts, and much reading online, I cant seem to get it to even get into X with a working mouse, much less at the right res or colors.  I have tried both X 3 and 4, and attempted to follow the instructions at www.dcs.ac.uk/~sb/PowerBook/, to no effect.

Additionally, and perhaps related, does anyone know how to make it so that I dont have to type "linux video=ofonly" at the yaboot prompt every time I start up?  I've tried using "append=video=ofonly" in my yaboot.conf file, but that doesnt seem to work.  Also, video=ofonly doesnt shut off the graphics accelerator, does it?


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