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upgrade to MacOS 9.1, now lilo dissapears

A strange problem on my powerbook appeared when I blew away my MacOS 9.0.4
install and put MacOS 9.1 on it.

I booted off of the 9.1 CD and formatted the partition that had OS 9.0.4
installed on it (/dev/hda10).  Then I installed MacOS 9.1.

At some point after I erased the OS 9.0.4 partition, a disk called bootstrap
showed up on the MacOS desktop.  This disk has never appeared before in
MacOS.  The bootstrap disk is at /dev/hda9 is named Apple_Bootstrap and is
of type HFS.

Once the bootstrap disk showed up in MacOS, lilo did not appear when booting.

I was able to boot off of the Debian CD and get into Linux and run ybin to
get lilo back, but whenever I booted into MacOS, lilo would get nuked.

I looked at the partition table (or what mac-fdisk showed), and there was no
change in the partition names or types from before I did this upgrade and

Is there a way to get the Apple_Bootstrap partition to not be seen by MacOS
even though it is a HFS partition?

Or does MacOS 9.1 do some "extra stuff" to blow away the bootstrap records?

Thanks in advance.


--Grant Miller   grant at unixguru dot org

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