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Re: upgrade to MacOS 9.1, now lilo dissapears

On Sat, 7 Apr 2001, Grant Miller wrote:

}At some point after I erased the OS 9.0.4 partition, a disk called bootstrap
}showed up on the MacOS desktop.  This disk has never appeared before in
}MacOS.  The bootstrap disk is at /dev/hda9 is named Apple_Bootstrap and is
}of type HFS.
}Once the bootstrap disk showed up in MacOS, lilo did not appear when booting.
}I was able to boot off of the Debian CD and get into Linux and run ybin to
}get lilo back, but whenever I booted into MacOS, lilo would get nuked.
}Is there a way to get the Apple_Bootstrap partition to not be seen by MacOS
}even though it is a HFS partition?

Boot off your CD and launch "Drive Setup".  Then under the "customize
volumes" menu options, select the Apple_bootstrap partition and set the
options so that it is not automatically mounted at startup.  Then you
will have to reboot into Linux one more time and run ybin.

If this does not work, will probably have to use pdisk to manually re-
create the Apple_bootstrap partition.


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