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Re: TiBook X issues

On 6 Apr 2001, Jonas M. Meyer wrote:

> Could someone post a step-bystep tutorial of how to get X running at
> the correct (largest) resolution on a TiBook?

Well, I can give you a description of my muddled attempts.  I am running a
2.4.3 kernel I created from the linux-2.4-benh tree at penguinppc.org.

First of all, boot option.  My yaboot.conf image section looks like this:


I don't think you need to use "append" for video options.  Also, remember
to rerun ybin after making changes to /etc/yaboot.conf or the changes
won't be copied to the little boot partition, and won't affect your kernel
when you reboot.

As for my version of X, I did a minimal install using the debain 2.2r2 CD,
then pointed my /etc/apt/sources.list at unstable, and upgraded
everything, then instlled X (4.0.2) out of unstable.  Note: when I did the
upgrade, I found that I had to apt-get install debconf first before I did
apt-get upgrade to avoid all sorts of errors from debconf.

I also needed to set the kernel to send linux keycodes instead of mac
keycodes, and do to 3 button mouse emulation.  This is done in
/etc/sysctl.conf  Prior to doing this, I could start x, but I couldn't
type.  So I added the following lines to sysctl.conf:


Note that once this takes effect, you'll need to use the Ctrl key to
switch consoles rather than Command.  This freaked me out till I figured
it out.  Also, the config above sets f10 and f11 to be the middle and
right mouse buttons (f12 doesn't send any keycodes unless you press fn
first).  You can find key codes by using the showkey program, which comes
in the kbd package.

I also installed gnome, and at that point I was able to start x, at first
with startx, and then later with gdm when I was sure it was working.  It
seems to autodetect the screen resolution.  Redraws seem a little pokey,
so I don't know if I'm getting any hardware accelleration, but it
certainly works well enough to get work done.  xengine cranks out 750-820
fps for me.

I had installed xfs-tt instead of xfs so I had to edit XF86Config-4 (in
/etc/X11) to change the port number for xfs from 7100 to 7110.  Other than
that, I've not messed with the XF86Config-4 that I got by default.

My only remaining problem is that the arrow keys don't work under X (but
they do work on the console).  I can live without the arrow keys, but it
sure is annoying, and I'd like to fix it.  I played around with xev, but I
don't know what to do with the keycodes that it gives me.  I'm hoping
somebody wiser can comment on that...


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