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Re: TiBook X issues

Grant Hollingworth wrote:

> You only need video=ofonly for the Debian install. After that, you can
> use video=aty128fb. I have append="video=aty128fb" in my yaboot.conf.

Ah... I stuffed linux video=ofonly somewhere in my yaboot.conf instead. That
works well enough, except that booting to MacOS causes the alternating black
and white vertical bars and then a happy Mac icon in invert colours.
Everything else is fine after that.

Should the video=aty128fb appear in the section for Linux only or in the
general grouping? I suspect the former.

By the by, once I got a proper set of distro CDs and figured out that 50 MB
was certainly not enough for / with the number of packages I installed, I
was up and running rather quickly. As difficult as it was (especially trying
to figure out how to edit yaboot.conf with little to none vi experience), it
was surprisingly easier than I thought it was going to be. Now, I just have
to take it one step further to get a GUI up and running.


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