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Re: Yaboot Config Question

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001, Matthew Grant wrote:

}I am trying to get Debian 2.2 on a 9600/200MP.
}When I reboot I get the Disk with the X in it. Which means I
}need to configure My boot loader. I can't get into OF I get a
}black screen.

I think tis is because when one boots into OF (at least on the initial
PCI machines) the default input/output is a serial port.  You need to
set the OF input/output variables to the keyboard and screen if you'd
like to work in OF.  This was done using a program called BootVars but
you would need to run that from within MacOS.

}I boot with the floppies and go to a shell I mount my root
}partion (/dev/sda3) to /target and run ybin -b /dev/sda3.
}It tells me there's no config file. or it tells me it's not a
}HFS file system.

Yaboot needs an HFS system and installs a series of files with all the
attributes, so that Open Firmware thinks it's a MacOS system folder on
an HFS file system.  But this "System Folder" will boot whatever linux 
kernel you point to.

}I am used to Lilo and debian on i386. would some one give me a
}clue on what steps I am suppose to do to configure yaboot.
}If I am doing this ass backwards send me a Link to were I can
}learn the PowerPC way.

Take a look at:


I used those instructions to install yaboot on my PB G3 and it worked
pretty well.  Nothing about the instructions are LinuxPPC specific
except maybe for the disk partitioning.  And you may need to do that to
create the small HFS partition where yaboot goes. But I was able to use 
these instuctions to put Potato 2.2 on my PB.



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