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Re: new installation on 4400/200

On Thu, Apr 05, 2001 at 03:26:10PM +0200, Bruno Waes wrote:
> i now have the box right beside me, it has macos 7.5.3 loaded on its single
> HD
> the bootx  .sit file is on the cdrom but it is not recognized by macos

proprietary fileformats, you need an extractor.

> i need linux on this machine, no macos, but i understand i will need macos
> to boot from the first time ?

either that or try the boot-hfs-floppy.img or whatever its called.  it
seems for most people it ignores the keyboard when it gets to the
rootdisk prompt. 

> is quik something like lilo or silo ??

yes, its in fact based on silo.  configuring quik itself is easy,
reconfiguring OpenFirmware to boot it is more tricky.  normally all OF
does is boot a hardware MacOSROM which takes over the rest of the
bootstrap including reading macos from the disk/filesystem and so
on. so apple did not bother to make OF work very well on its own which
is what it must do for an OF based bootloader like quik.  

if you are lucky all you need to change is the boot-device variable,
like this:

nvsetenv boot-device "$(ofpath /dev/sda)0"

try ofpath /dev/sda first to see if it supports that machine, ofpath
supports most oldworlds but i may have missed a few, people need to
send me more device-trees.  

> what would be the thing i have to do now ?

given the boot floppies are broken at the moment you can either
bootstrap with macos, erase macos, install debian, and hope you get
quik working (you will almost certianly need a serial terminal to
access OpenFirmware and see what is going on).  or leave macos,
install debian alongside and use bootx, which is really a pretty
hideous setup.  

Ethan Benson

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