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Re: pmud / harddisk / kernel problem

Hello Benjamin!

Do you have something new to test for sleep on TiPB?

BTW. If I remember right, FireWire is not switched off during sleep,
will this happen in the near future?
Maybe some interface to configure which device should be powered on
during sleep and which device can be powered off during sleep.

Do you know if the ethernet-chip in the pismo or TiPB is powered off if
i do ifdown eth0?

That´s enough, don´t want to vast your time, bye,

Benjamin Herrenschmidt schrieb:
> >I´ve just tested your kernel on my TiPB and can tell that both users are
> >right. I ´ve just put my TiPB to sleep with mol running (close lid)
> >after 30 minutes I opened the lid and mol was running fine, no problems,
> >
> >At this moment I ran X and the TiPB is sleeping, with this nice blinking
> >LED. I open the lid and the book wakes up.
> >I switch from X to VT1 - close the lid - harddisk spins down, display
> >light goes off, but NO blinking LED! I open the lid and the TiPB died!
> >This is reproduceable. The TiPB dies in its sleep if you close the lid
> >within a text-terminal, this also happens when I type snooze in a
> >text-terminal. The TiPB goes to sleep and wakes up if I run X and type
> >snooze in a Xterm.
> Doh ! I have a clue then... I though I fixed that (this problem existed
> with the Pismo too, there's a problem with the console code for sleep)
> I'll give that a look
> Ben.
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