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Re: pmud / harddisk / kernel problem

>I´ve just tested your kernel on my TiPB and can tell that both users are
>right. I ´ve just put my TiPB to sleep with mol running (close lid)
>after 30 minutes I opened the lid and mol was running fine, no problems,
>At this moment I ran X and the TiPB is sleeping, with this nice blinking
>LED. I open the lid and the book wakes up.
>I switch from X to VT1 - close the lid - harddisk spins down, display
>light goes off, but NO blinking LED! I open the lid and the TiPB died!
>This is reproduceable. The TiPB dies in its sleep if you close the lid
>within a text-terminal, this also happens when I type snooze in a
>text-terminal. The TiPB goes to sleep and wakes up if I run X and type
>snooze in a Xterm.

Doh ! I have a clue then... I though I fixed that (this problem existed
with the Pismo too, there's a problem with the console code for sleep)

I'll give that a look


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