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Re: pmud / harddisk / kernel problem

>Do you have something new to test for sleep on TiPB?
>BTW. If I remember right, FireWire is not switched off during sleep,
>will this happen in the near future?
>Maybe some interface to configure which device should be powered on
>during sleep and which device can be powered off during sleep.

I switch the clock off the firewire chip. That's the best I can do
without some specific support in the firewire driver.

>Do you know if the ethernet-chip in the pismo or TiPB is powered off if
>i do ifdown eth0?

It is unclocked too. I don't put the PHY in superisolate mode however,
so I guess the PHY may still eat power if it's linked.
Note that you don't need to ifdown eth0 during sleep. The driver will
take care of that automatically.

>That´s enough, don´t want to vast your time, bye,
>	Christoph


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