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Re: RS/6000 install help. (con't)

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001, Phillip Strauss wrote:

> Well yesterday I thought I'd try installing Yellow Dog Linux to see if maybe
> this was a error specific to the Debian distribution.  The only responses I
> got yesterday were from people with the same problem but no idea what it is.
> Well I wasn't able to get Yellow Dog to boot.  I didn't spend much time with
> it because I'd really rather run Debian.
> Well hopefully somebody will be able to help today.
> Anyone....Anyone.....Bueller?


	I have a 7248-100 43p running Debian 2.2r2. The only problem I
have found is that the Prep Rescue Boot Disk don't work with this
machine. There iss a little problem with the SCSI driver.

	Use the boot image at
	Then use the normal Prep Root Disk, and go on with Dbootstrap.

	I found a lot of informations that helped me to complete this
install at:


	It isn't specific to Debian, but there is where I found the boot
disk image mentioned above.
	This is another link more specific to Debian, it make the things
harder, but it works:


	Right know I am stucked with two problems: I can't use the
'aboot' to boot the kernel and I can't compile a kernel that boot
directly. I have to use the carolina image mentioned above, but it is

	See ya,

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Assessoria de Informatica -  Unesp

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