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Re: Q: double Boot for SMP 7300

Christoph Ewering said:

>Hello everybody!
>I have a 7300 that I have upgraded to a 2x604/200MHz SMP computer.
>Now I´m looking for a solution to my boot-problems.
>I have a little partition with this faked system-folder and I have BootX.
>If I boot into MacOS and then start BootX to run linux, the second cpu
>won´t run and I run a single cpu computer :-(
>If I set the startup disk to the faked system-folder (AFAIK miBoot) both
>cpus are running, but it is very difficult for me to get back to MacOS.
>Zapping P-RAM isn´t always possible and did not help either. Sometimes I
>unplug the batterie and reset the mainboard to get back to MacOS.
>AFAIK yaboot only works with NewWorld-Macs and a boot-menu run by
>OpenFirmware doesn´t help because OpenFirmware on this machine is so buggy.
>Any suggestions are welcome, thanks

I don't know if this will work on your computer, but I just hold down the
option key on boot.  I get a screen that has a curved arrow icon, icons
for the Mac System partitions, and a straight arrow.  Click on the
partition you want to boot into, and then click on the straight arrow.
The 'puter will continue booting into that system.  (The curved arrow
starts a new search for systems on the computer drives.)  For background
info, I have a sawtooth G4 with three Mac system partitions - 9.04 and
9.1, as well as OS X PB.

T Wilson
wilsont@halcyon.com or (work) wilsont@u.washington.edu

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