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Re: more mozilla 0.8 fun (java plugin)

At 3:23 PM +1100 2/22/01, Ross Hamilton wrote:

>Blackdown's JDK 1.3 (a "final release candidate" from around ten days
>ago) is in /usr/local, along with the required OpenMotif package.

Well, I'm using the JDK 1.3 PL1 release from penguingppc.org  I note in the
release notes, it mentions:

 - once again statically linked with Motif to fix plugin problems

(of course, I'm just getting *different* plugin problems)

>In my case, making the suggested soft-link to the java plugin is a
>complete show-stopper for mozilla.

I don't get the link error you describe, its just that when the
javaplugin.so softlink is present, mozilla never opens any windows after
printing a bunch of stuff to the command line about registering plugins.

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