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more mozilla 0.8 fun (java plugin)

Okay, even if I don't have PSM working, I thought I'd see if the java
plugin works with moz 0.8 (from the penguinppc RPMs)

So I made a link for the javaplugin.so (JDK 1.3 PL 1) into the
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory, and restarted mozilla.  At which point
it registers the plugin under about 20 different mime types, prints the
following additional info:

before calling the services 
 Succeeding in creating proxy
Register Env [0] proxyenv=268780752 tid=268569928
Register Env [1] proxyenv=269683144 tid=268569928

And then does nothing.  Looking at ps shows me i get my 4 mozilla-bin
processes and about 8 java_vm processes.

Any thoughts?

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