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Re: more mozilla 0.8 fun (java plugin)

That's interesting. I'm running testing and have moz 0.8 currently living in my home directory, installed from a the .tar.bz file at their ftp site. It's a bit flakier than previous milestones for intel, but basically runs OK without trying for applet support.

Blackdown's JDK 1.3 (a "final release candidate" from around ten days ago) is in /usr/local, along with the required OpenMotif package.

In my case, making the suggested soft-link to the java plugin is a complete show-stopper for mozilla. Command line output reports the problem as a library linking error on the browser side due to undefined variable "XtShellStrings" or something similar (this from memory - I'm in MacOS at the moment).

So it sounds as though you might be closer to success than me. If anyone gets this combo running. or has any bright ideas, I'd love to hear the details.


Okay, even if I don't have PSM working, I thought I'd see if the java
plugin works with moz 0.8 (from the penguinppc RPMs)

So I made a link for the javaplugin.so (JDK 1.3 PL 1) into the
/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory, and restarted mozilla.  At which point
it registers the plugin under about 20 different mime types, prints the
following additional info:

before calling the services
Succeeding in creating proxy
Register Env [0] proxyenv=268780752 tid=268569928
Register Env [1] proxyenv=269683144 tid=268569928

And then does nothing.  Looking at ps shows me i get my 4 mozilla-bin
processes and about 8 java_vm processes.

Any thoughts?

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