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mozilla 0.8 from penguinppc and PSM

I'm still trying to get PSM to work with the mozilla 0.8 rpms downloaded
from penguinppc.org.  So far I have:

1) alien installed mozilla.rpm
   -at this point mozilla wouldn't put a window up on the screen

2) I ran the postinstall script that Ethan provided in his email as root
   -mozilla worked, but obviously I couldn't open https URLs

3) alien installed mozilla-psm.rpm
   -same as above

4) followed Ethan's suggestion to obtain mozilla_M18 deb, extract files,
   compiled libpsmjedimindtrick.so (this required temporarily alien
   installing mozilla-devel.rpm) copied it to /usr/lib/mozilla, changed
   start-psm in /usr/lib/mozilla to include and export LD_PRELOAD
   pointing to ./libpsmjedimindtrick.so
   -mozilla still won't open https URLs

5) tried rerunning Ethan's postinstall scritp
   -mozilla still won't open https URLs

anybody have any more magic to suggest at this point?


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