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Re: Cube installation boot problems

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, I noted a boot problem with the G4 Cube:

>With either of the yaboot commands, Debian tries to boot but I get the
>message "wrong partition 1 signature" and then the screen flashes a couple
>of times, there is another message I can't quite read, then the system
>hangs (monitor goes blank).

The last messages seen are in fact:

Calling QUIESCE...

DO-QUIESCE finishedbooting..

I have now fixed the problem (which I found several other Cube users were

I was using the Apple 17" Display (not the LCD, but the new CRT).  I
removed this, and hooked up a regular old monitor using the supplied
converter.  The Cube now boots (with the OF command boot cd:\\yaboot).

Thanks to all the people who responded and helped track this problem down.

Ian Neath, neath@psych.purdue.edu

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