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Re: nautilus

Phil Fraering wrote:

> I sort of had as a back burner project getting everything together
> I'd need to compile nautilus.

Nautilus actually has a real Build-Depends, but some of its dependencies don't
(e.g. medusa), and libglade doesn't build out-of-box right now.

I built libglade using the patch in bug #84298, but unfortunately against
libgnomeui33, which has gone away!  Christian says this is because the GNOME
folks mistakenly incremented the soname of libgnomeui in 1.2.10, then knocked it
back down to 32 in 1.2.11.  Oops!  Same for the gnumeric and gnome-applets
packages, though I just uploaded a new gnome-core which correctly depends on
libgnomeui32 (though also on libglade, with its bogus dependency).

Also, the gnucash I uploaded depends on now-defunct libguile6 and guile1.3.
Sorry about that.  My plan is to rebuild as new versions become available, like
gnome-core this morning.

As a result, if you didn't get libgnomeui33 when it was available, you're stuck
without new gnome-applets, gnumeric, gnucash, and all of libglade-gnome0's deps
for the time being. :-(

> However, yesterday I checked to see if nautilus was available precompiled
> and it was. I'm downloading it now to see if it works.

Yup, I uploaded it, it works for me. :-)

> If nautilus works, does this mean evolution will compile?

No, because there's no Debian evolution package. :-(

> ISTR that one of the previous gnome powerpc compilation attempts
> didn't include either nautilus or evolution because of a library
> common to both. I was hoping someone here had more details.

The current nautilus depends on very new libs, from bonobo to gal to medusa.
IIRC, for a while nautilus and evolution depended on different bonobos- like,
different internal development versions at Eazel and Ximian- but I'm pretty sure
that's been resolved.

> PS: How do you determine which packages are necessary to compile
> a debian source package against? Is there a command for apt-cache
> or something like that?

The Build-Depends list is in debian/control, like Ethan said, and also in the
.dsc file so you don't even need to unpack the source to check it.


-Adam P.

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