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Re: "CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=y" in default debian ppc kernel

Ethan Benson wrote:

> > > Ethan, what kind of machines need CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT=n with quik?
> > 
> > At least the 7200, I believe.
> correct, i talked to ben about this recently the problem is the way
> this particular feature trys to access the OF framebuffer, on
> oldworlds with non-existant or very broken OF video drivers this code
> would crash OF.

This seems to be exactly what happened to my system (kernel 2.2.18/
oldworld)--it didn't boot without the monitor attached. Upon reading
your post, I recompiled the kernel with CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT turned off,
and it started to work fine. Thank you.

> he told me this should be fixed in recent kernels but
> i have not tested this. 

2.2.17 boots up fine with CONFIG_BOOTX_TEXT set and without monitor.

> [...]
> BOOTX_TEXT is a misnomor though, it really doesn't have much to do
> with BootX at all.  its also not required for either BootX or
> non-BootX booting.  

Updating config documentation would be nice.


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