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Re: Pushing up daisies...

In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Leandro Dutra wrote:
 > 	Maybe I'm naive, but why then your disk drive and CD would spin?
 > Aren't they spinned by OpenFirware, or just by having power applied to =
 > them?

AFAIK, they're only spinning up because they have power.

 > I wouldn't think you could alter the entry point for Open Firmware, but
 > that you could alter the initialization process after Open Firmware has
 > started.

Could very well be completely wrong, judging from what I read here:

 > 	Booting from CD, or simply don't booting maybe will do the trick.
 > AFAIK, the trick is getting to boot without the hard disk attached so
 > that OF will try the default initialization methods, namely the CD or
 > floppy.
 > But maybe I've just misunderstood the method.
 > 	Anyway no hurt in trying.

Absolutely ;)
It's not booting anything. Disconnecting HD does nothing. It's not booting
the CD-ROM (even with C held upon startup), and I can't enter OF. Display
doesn't power up.

Looking a bit grim :(

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