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Re: Pushing up daisies...

real-base is almost certainly the starting address for real memory, or physical memory for hardware types ~:^)  I don't know what possesed you to try and change this, but you told it that memory starts somewhere other than where it starts, which means just about nothing will work.

Quick hardware lesson:

physical memory always has some base starting address, and it's not 0.  this allows the hardware to use addresses below this (and above, if physical memory has a maximum size) for fixed uses that the mmu will know.  such things like the ROM addresses, device addresses and so on.  the base physical address is used to set up the mmu before anything much happens, and so that is why not much is working on your system.  hope the power depravation thing works!


Rob Andrews wrote:
> In newsgate.debian.powerpc, Leandro Dutra wrote:
>  >      Maybe I'm naive, but why then your disk drive and CD would spin?
>  > Aren't they spinned by OpenFirware, or just by having power applied to =
>  > them?
> AFAIK, they're only spinning up because they have power.
>  > I wouldn't think you could alter the entry point for Open Firmware, but
>  > that you could alter the initialization process after Open Firmware has
>  > started.
> Could very well be completely wrong, judging from what I read here:
> http://bananajr6000.apple.com/1275/proposals/Closed/Withdrawn/315-it.txt
>  >      Booting from CD, or simply don't booting maybe will do the trick.
>  > AFAIK, the trick is getting to boot without the hard disk attached so
>  > that OF will try the default initialization methods, namely the CD or
>  > floppy.
>  > But maybe I've just misunderstood the method.
>  >      Anyway no hurt in trying.
> Absolutely ;)
> It's not booting anything. Disconnecting HD does nothing. It's not booting
> the CD-ROM (even with C held upon startup), and I can't enter OF. Display
> doesn't power up.
> Looking a bit grim :(
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