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> Although I disable everthing with hdparam the Hard Discs works like wild
> only when I close the lid ... strange.

That's just your system logger logging error messages to a disk that has
just been put to sleep using hdparm, forcing it to wake up again, log a
message, the pwrctl script returning to pmud, pmud immediatly 'waking up'
again because sleep doesn't work in Pismo, pmud finding the lid closed and
restarting the procedure again until your syslog has filled the disk, or
the laptop died from overheating. You knew that you cannot operate the
Pismo with the lid closed, did you?

Anyone know a good way to force a kernel panic from pwrctl? I think I
might just use that in the Core99 routine, to alert the user. The special
Core99 routine was a bad idea, apparently.

> I think this could be an Bug in the used kernel 2.4.1 ... perhaps ...

Nope, just missing sleep support in the kernel. Will be fixed as soon as
someone with a Pismo does some serious kernel hacking to properly
implement sleep, and posts the patch to linuxppc-dev.


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