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Re: help

Ethan Benson wrote:

2) debian CDs are not and won't be bootable on OldWorld hardware in
the forseeable future.  (until someone writes an Oldworld bootloader
that does not require proprietary Apple drivers)

Why? We have miBoot.  Won't that work on a CD?

OK, call me ignorant, but it would be cool of installing linux on a Mac was as easy as MacOS is to get started. Pop in MacOS 8.0 in a m68k to a 6500 and you're set, 8.5 or higher for newer macs.

I've been using linux on x86 for a couple years, and at the very worst, you need a floppy, and an ethernet/modem to install the base system.

miBoot works on hard drives, right?  Maybe you can point me at some docs...


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