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Re: help

As far as word processing goes, I think StarOffice is the most popular
choice for linux in general... if you think about it, let me know if you get
it installed, because I'm not sure about compatibility :)

I'm assuming you have a debian cd? In that case, press the option key when
rebooting to give you the option of booting off the cd. During the install,
you can repartition, etc.

If you just downloaded the stuff off the net, then point bootx at the
'virtual kernel,' (I forget what it's really called, but I think the
instructions on debian.org are pretty clear.

Good luck!

on 2/8/01 1:56 PM, Bob Schmidt at schmidt@westriv.com wrote:

> Hi,
> I just got debian gnu linux power pc ver 2.2.  I have used linux on x86
> machines for several years.  But I am new to macs, and I can't figure out
> how to install linux on my powerpc 6500/250.  It has 32 megs of ram and a
> 4gb hard drive.  I was thinking of using this mac only for linux, if there
> was a good word processing program out there for the power pc under linux.
> Does anyone know of one?  Anyway, HELP how do you install linux on a mac.  I
> installed the bootx program, and it does come up at the boot up of the
> computer, but it won't go into linux because there are no linux partitions.
> Thanks,
> Bob
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