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Re: hosed nvram on OldWorld Mac

On Saturday 03 February 2001 16:20, Andrew Sharp wrote:
> No, I'm getting no output on the monitor.

The "nvsetenv output-device /chaos/control" is what got output on my monitor 
even before my other parameters were correct. The man page for nvsetenv also 
implies that you can set "input-device kbd", but I don't think that will work 
for my USB PCI card attached keyboard.

> Yes, I did run quik beforehand.  But I can check my .conf
> file again when I am in front of the machine and make sure
> that it is right.  I still have the other machine, so
> whatever I can do on that, like run quik, I will.

Maybe "nvsetenv boot-device `ofpath /dev/sd<whatever is correct for you>`"  
as normally suggested by Ethan will work better for you. I got the previously 
mentioned "can't find /bandit/gc/..." result.


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