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Re: Request: Success reports of using quik to boot an OldWorld Mac

On Sat, 03 Feb 2001 02:19:49 Andrew Sharp wrote:
> Well, I did the nvsetenv settings listed here on a 7600 I
> just aquired, and now my machine is hosed!  ~:^(  It won't
> boot at all, not from floppy, disk or anything.  I don't
> suppose there is a way to set the nvram to some defaults or
> something.  Damnit.  I guess this is an old world mac, so
> holding down cmd-opt-O-F doesn't seem to do anything, before
> the catastrophe or after.

cmd-opt-p-r does a PRAM reset. This gives you back the /AAPL,ROM 
boot-device and all the "normal" MacOS boot methods.

The nvsetenv man page implies that you have chaos/control video 
also. Do you get anything output to your console?

Also, my list of steps did not include running "quik". Did you do
that? My quik.conf looks like:


I should have put these two hints in my previous message.


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