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Re: Raid on Debian PPC

FWIW, I'm running a new style RAID0 with raidtools2 on a powerpc box. Took some
question-asking, and some other work, but it's runnung fine now. Used the
kernel-source-2.2.17.deb, applied the patch from ingo's site, ran the standard make
menuconfig,, make-kpkg, etc, and had no problems.

So it does work on a G3-all-in-one with a pair of 4-gig drives raided together.


Adam C Powell IV wrote:

> "Shawn J. Wallace" wrote:
> > Has anyone successfully used the software RAID on PPC?
> >
> > I've done it numerous times on i386 systems without problems, but when I
> > compiled the modules and tried to install it I ran into problems:
> > - Module loads fine
> > - mkraid runs fine, creates the array
> > - mdadd bails horribly complaining about "Zero-length" drives/partitions
> > when I try mdadd /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 etc
> >
> > Anyone has similar experiences?
> Are you using old-style RAID in the stock kernel, or new-style with raidtools2
> and Ingo's patches (at http://people.redhat.com/mingo/raid-patches/)?  If the
> former, try the latter, the stock kernel RAID is not being maintained and is
> known to fail under some circumstances.
> <RANT>
> So why is there not even any mention of this in kernel documentation?  You tell
> me, I've submitted patches to at least document the problem three times now...
> after spending three weeks last Fall sweating over problems in a 50 GB
> RAID partition that brought my server down about 5 times for several hours
> each!!  The reply from L-K: "This mailing list's archives are really the only
> reliable documentation."  Great, so you can't use a "stable" kernel without
> being on a list with hundreds of posts a week!
> (Can you tell I'm still bitter about it?  I'm embarassed to say how close I came
> to switching to NT...)
> </RANT>
> Glad that's over.  Anyway, if you are using the new-style RAID, I'm afraid
> I can't help you, I've only tried it on i386...
> HTH,
> -Adam P.
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