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Re: Raid on Debian PPC

"Shawn J. Wallace" wrote:

> Has anyone successfully used the software RAID on PPC?
> I've done it numerous times on i386 systems without problems, but when I
> compiled the modules and tried to install it I ran into problems:
> - Module loads fine
> - mkraid runs fine, creates the array
> - mdadd bails horribly complaining about "Zero-length" drives/partitions
> when I try mdadd /dev/md0 /dev/sda1 /dev/sdb1 etc
> Anyone has similar experiences?

Are you using old-style RAID in the stock kernel, or new-style with raidtools2
and Ingo's patches (at http://people.redhat.com/mingo/raid-patches/)?  If the
former, try the latter, the stock kernel RAID is not being maintained and is
known to fail under some circumstances.

So why is there not even any mention of this in kernel documentation?  You tell
me, I've submitted patches to at least document the problem three times now...
after spending three weeks last Fall sweating over problems in a 50 GB
RAID partition that brought my server down about 5 times for several hours
each!!  The reply from L-K: "This mailing list's archives are really the only
reliable documentation."  Great, so you can't use a "stable" kernel without
being on a list with hundreds of posts a week!

(Can you tell I'm still bitter about it?  I'm embarassed to say how close I came
to switching to NT...)

Glad that's over.  Anyway, if you are using the new-style RAID, I'm afraid
I can't help you, I've only tried it on i386...


-Adam P.

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