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Re: ppc vs. i386

> > If you're interested (and not just trolling) I can give you some CPU
> > benchmarks run with a floating point intensive number crunching
> > application to compare a G3/400 with a range of Intel machines (PI/233 to
> > PIII/500 currently). 
> ive found my G3/400 to be about on par with my celery 466, the only
> thing that seems slower on ppc to me is the compiler, and the
> framebuffer (compared to VGA textmode which is not fair ;-))

That's about what I see (scaling the performance to equal CPU clock).

> > I'm sooooo glad I don't have to cope with crap like BIOS or Lilo on PPC,
> > I'd gladly take a minor performance hit of 6-12%.
> i dunno about that, ive found the OpenFirmware on ppc to be nearly as
> irritating and broken as the intel BIOS crap.  but then again im the
> one making the tools to get the bootloader working as cleanly as
> possible if they are used correctly it does not seem so bad ;-)

OF may be broken but it doesn't keep you from booting after you added a
IDE disk to a SCSI system. PC BIOS needs a clean redesign ...


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