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Re: Re: ppc vs. i386

> > > If you're interested (and not just trolling) I can give you some CPU
> > > benchmarks run with a floating point intensive number crunching
> > > application to compare a G3/400 with a range of Intel machines
> > > (PI/233 to PIII/500 currently). 
> > 
> > ive found my G3/400 to be about on par with my celery 466, the only
> > thing that seems slower on ppc to me is the compiler, and the
> > framebuffer (compared to VGA textmode which is not fair ;-))
> That's about what I see (scaling the performance to equal CPU clock).

Where are you guys getting this?  Just based on observation?  Just for
the record, my upgraded G3/350 appears (visually) much faster than
my PII/366.  Both machines use XFree86 4.0, kernel 2.4+, and the
woody packages.

Several factors can cause your PPC box to "appear" slower than an
equivelant (in clock speed) Intel box:  Which X server you are running
(xpmac and xfree86 3.x are undoubtedly much slower than xf4), the
number of daemons you have running, kernel version, etc.

But I personally have not found Debian on PowerPC to be any slower
just by observation... I will time some kernel builds and generate a few
1024-bit key pairs later today and post the results..


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