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Re: yaboot on iMac/DV and iBook firewire

On Fri, Oct 20, 2000 at 11:59:32AM +0200, Hadess wrote:
> If I just run ybin, and show up the Open Firmware, on "boot" it says:
> Parsing <CHRP-BOOT>
> DEFAULT CACHE!, code=70 at %SRR0: ff80c1c0 %SRR!: 0000b030

crap, this means there is a syntactical error in the bootscript... 

ill want you to try 0.27 (which will be out shortly) 

and if that still does not work ill need to see the ofboot.b on the
bootstrap partition itself to make sure nothing strange is in it..

> I reckon it is because the CHRP script gives an error, and is therefore not
> considered bootable.

mac-boot will not show such errors it simply starts looking for other
bootable devices.

> > have you FULLY reset your OpenFirmware?
> Alt-Apple-P-R on the chime, hold 'till you listen to the second chime...

from a cold boot?  it won't work with a soft reboot, you must totally
shutdown the machine and hold these keys while booting it. from the
looks of your nvsetenv output your nvram is corrupted (mine looked
like that after using the oldworld nvsetenv, it no longer has that
garbage after doing a reset)  in any event this may not be it given
you seem to have a corrupted bootscript. 

> I have not yet done so.

wait for 0.27, i am going to beg Dan to package that one, it will need testing.

> I don't know if nvsetenv is new enough... It prints some weird stuff at the
> end...

see above.

> I really hope it is not some new changes they've made only to this machine, I
> already can't get the sound, and dri to work... (yeah, 2.4.0-test9 with sound
> compiled in oopses, and module is broken :/)

i know of a Japenese guy with one of these machines (i think so
anyway) who was having trouble with the output text not being
displayed, but the script worked.  0.27 fixes the output problem

Ethan Benson

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