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Re: libgtkmm missing from ppc potato?

"C.M. Connelly" wrote:

> In order to make sure that the build-daemon systems have all the
> necessary support files to build a particular package, the
> build-daemon software looks for a ``Build-Depends'' line in the
> debian/control file included with the package source.

It is also put in the .dsc file, so you don't need to unpack the source to see

> Even better, if you take the time to build the packages yourself,
> and track down the missing dependencies, you can file a bug
> against the problem packages so that the maintainer can add the
> correct Build-Depends line.  Once the Build-Depends line is in
> every package, the build-daemon should be able to keep everything
> up to date without (much) human intervention.

Obligatory note: before submitting any bug report, check to make sure there
isn't one already.  Also, in such bug reports, it's really helpful to suggest
what could go in Build-Depends.  You asked about gnucash, I filed the
Build-Depends bug report for it, which includes such a list.

Speaking of gnucash, has anyone had any problems with it after editing
debian/rules to remove the -fsigned-char default CFLAG?  (The package seems to
be charsafe, so the flag is not necessary, and it causes a comparison to fail
with the result that it doesn't display currency fractions, e.g. cents.)  If
not, I'll follow up on that bug (#69866) with a strong recommendation to remove
that flag.

-Adam P.

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