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Re: pmud 0.7-1

> Speaking of pmud, is there any way to have something run when the machine
> wakes? my trackpad settings disappear on wake, and i figure doing trackpad
> notap on wake might help that..

The pmud 0.7 release was designed to restore the trackpad settings on
wakeup (from data pmud stored just before sleep). The restore code was
broken, it's fixed in 0.7-2 which was uploaded to incoming yesterday. 
> also, is there any way to make wake from sleep a bit faster? it was pretty fast
> when i tried it in macos x, way faster than macos, which is about on par with
> using pmud.. of course, i know linux isn't macos x, and they obviously have
> better docs than our kernel guys, but if it could possibly wake up faster, it'd
> be nice to have.

Send patches if you find out how. The public part of the MacOS X source
code might be a place to look for clues (if you happen to find out what
they do to make multiword DMA 2 mode restore properly on all machines, I'm
sure BenH would appreciate a hint). 

The whole time spent for wakeup is in the kernel, reprobing the ADB bus
and restoring the IDE disk state after powering the disk back up. I can't
see how we can speed up the procedure.


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