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Re: pmud 0.7-1

Hi Patrice!

 >: which reminds me... I don't know if this happens to other people, but in the
 >: default pwrctl file, it says to "ifconfig eth0 up" on wakeup or when AC power is
 >: restored. This does not work on my PB3400, and I must change it to
 >: "/etc/init.d/networking restart" so that it actually works.

do you mean 'ifconfig eth0 up' fails in this special case or everytime?
do you got a line like: 'alias eth0 tulip'?

I'm using the 'G3'-part of the pwrctl script, 'cause nap mode + 'hdparm -d0' is not
usable regarding dialup connections (+ random 'lost interrupts'); pb3400 too.

and another question:
which pmud options do you use for your 3400-LiIon?
-l? -m?

 >: > 
 >: > Golly.  My Lombard wakes in ~0.75 seconds.  How slow is slow? 
 >: My PB3400 is ~6 seconds, from the time I press something to wake it up to the
 >: time I can actually do something.

max. ~2 sec.

just my 0.02Euro :)


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