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Re: X on a Bull Estrella

Le 10/10/2000 à 00:11, Michel Dänzer écrivait:
> > I've tried a 2.4.0 kernel. clgenfb is present and the config tool allow
> > to select it. But the kernel fail to compile :(
> Where did you get the 2.4 source from? You could post the compilation errors
> here and maybe on linuxppc-dev@lists.linuxppc.org .

It's the kernel I use for my i386, from a mirror of the official archive. 
I have heard that there is a special location for the powerpc kernel, but 
I don't know where to find it.

S'ils essayent de me presser, je réponds toujours que
je n'ai qu'une autre vitesse, et elle est moins rapide.

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