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Re: XFBDev problem

> > That said, annex's "ati" driver in XFree86 4.0.1, crashes my box hard
> > after moving a window or closing a window with the Mach64 VT.
> > 
> Which one is that? I've installed Ani Joshi's latest driver from 
> penguinppc.org, and that only crashes the machine when I've booted with
> BootX (right on starting up X, in fact).

That would be the normal behavior for Wallstreet and Lombard with
unpatched 2.2 kernels. 

> When booted with yaboot, XF4 has a habit of spontaneously dying after
> 1 sec--10 min, but never harms the OS. Refresh and display is excellent
> however, as long as it's up ;^/.

With a self compiled X 4.01 from Ani's sources, X is rock solid on my
Lombard (15 bpp, 24 bpp, you name it). With 2.2.17pre, 2.2.18pre (BenH
rsync) or 2.4.0-test9 (Paul's rsync). What am I doing wrong? 


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