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Re: XFBDev problem

On Tue, 10 Oct 2000, Andrew B. Arthur wrote:

> Uwe Muench wrote:
> > 
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have a problem with installing X on a Powermac 4400/220 with a
> > 1-button mouse connected to /dev/adbmouse. I installed the
> > xserver-fbdev package.
> Just wanted to point out that fbdev (aka XF68_FBDev in XF3.3 or the
> fbdev driver in XF4) in my experience in both XFree86 3.3 and XFree86
> 4.0 is broken on the Mach64 VT (assuming your using the atyfb.c from
> Linux 2.4 -- as the one in Linux 2.2 is unusable (although the one in
> 2.1.x is :\ )). It leaves nasty black pixels on the screen, and  doesn't
> refresh properly. 
Slightly different experience here. The latest XF68_FBDev in XFree 3.3 
was usable with the 2.2 kernels (mostly from BenH's tree), though the
refreshing problems and vertical lines becoming slanted were certainly

> That said, annex's "ati" driver in XFree86 4.0.1, crashes my box hard
> after moving a window or closing a window with the Mach64 VT.
Which one is that? I've installed Ani Joshi's latest driver from 
penguinppc.org, and that only crashes the machine when I've booted with
BootX (right on starting up X, in fact).
When booted with yaboot, XF4 has a habit of spontaneously dying after
1 sec--10 min, but never harms the OS. Refresh and display is excellent
however, as long as it's up ;^/.
Maybe I should give 2.4 a fresh attempt, though it might be that some of
the fb drivers in Ben's tree are in fact backported. 

> It should be noted, Xpmac runs pretty good with the Mach64 VT and atyfb
> frame-buffer driver, except for a slight bend on the top of the screen
> (and the fact the screen is a bit too much to the right). But all of
> those problems, can be adjusted with the montior controls.
Yep, and it's the only thing I can use now I have XF4 installed. After
a while I also see some slanted lines, but much less than with XF3.3 FBDev.
Xpmac(rev.10) also has the strange effect of messing up my console when
I'm using the SUN12x22 console fonts and booting with yaboot. Switching 
to a 16 pixel font fixed that for the moment.


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