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Re: XFBDev problem

On Wed, 11 Oct 2000, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> > > That said, annex's "ati" driver in XFree86 4.0.1, crashes my box hard
> > > after moving a window or closing a window with the Mach64 VT.
> > >
> > Which one is that? I've installed Ani Joshi's latest driver from
> Ani Joshi == annex (on IRC)
> > penguinppc.org, and that only crashes the machine when I've booted with
> > BootX (right on starting up X, in fact).
> A known problem which can be overcome with a 2.4 kernel or with a patch by
> Michael Schmitz for 2.2.
I heard about that, but I forgot about the patch. Doesn't matter much, 
anyway, because I'm mostly using yaboot.

> > When booted with yaboot, XF4 has a habit of spontaneously dying after
> > 1 sec--10 min, but never harms the OS. Refresh and display is excellent
> > however, as long as it's up ;^/.
> That would be an X4 bug then, please report it with as much information as
> possible to Ani or whoever he directs you to.
O.K., I've put a log file aside. Thought it (instability on Mach64) was a 
known problem, though. 
> > > It should be noted, Xpmac runs pretty good with the Mach64 VT and atyfb
> > > frame-buffer driver, except for a slight bend on the top of the screen
> > > (and the fact the screen is a bit too much to the right). But all of
> > > those problems, can be adjusted with the montior controls.
> > >
> > Yep, and it's the only thing I can use now I have XF4 installed.
> No, you should still be able to have the 3.3.6 xserver-fbdev package
> installed.
It seemed not to be able to load the fonts, but maybe that's just a problem 
with the font paths. Still, Xpmac seems about up to 3.3.6 FBDev speedwise
and rather better quality-of-display-wise. The only thing I'm missing is 
the mousewheel.


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