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Re: sawfish-0.30.3 (idorulabs debs) sucks


Seems like one of these days I'm gonna get shot...

Quoting Matt <mbrubeck@hmc.edu>:

> On Sun, 8 Oct 2000 Sam Powers@oddbox.org wrote:
> > Anyone tried the helix gnome debs at idorulabs.free.fr? the included
> > sawfish seems to have something broken..
> > 
> > sawfish error--> (bytecode-error "File needs recompiling for current
> > virtual machine"
> Just as the message says, the lisp code in your sawfish package was not
> compiled for the version of rep on your machine. Potato has an older
> version of rep (the one used by sawmill 0.27), and woody has a newer
> package (needed by sawfish 0.31.x).
> Suggestions:
>   You can try building sawfish from the woody source deb. I don't know
> if
> there were problems with the build or if the build daemon just hasn't
> gotten around to it. Worth a try if you have the time and space.
>   You can install the rep and sawmill packages from potato. These are a
> bit out of date but they work.
> The helix packages should be changed to reflect dependencies on specific
> versions of rep. It might also be a good idea for idorulabs to include
> rep
> packages along with the helix ones, if the distributors can't keep up
> with
> unstable.

Just use the librep that's provided on the website rather than the one of woody, 
or whatever.

(At least the Subject was not "idorulabs sucks")

PS: Gonna fix gnumeric, gnome-tetris and gedit soon, I promise


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