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Re: sawfish-0.30.3 (idorulabs debs) sucks

On Sun, 8 Oct 2000 Sam Powers@oddbox.org wrote:

> Anyone tried the helix gnome debs at idorulabs.free.fr? the included
> sawfish seems to have something broken..
> sawfish error--> (bytecode-error "File needs recompiling for current
> virtual machine"

Just as the message says, the lisp code in your sawfish package was not
compiled for the version of rep on your machine. Potato has an older
version of rep (the one used by sawmill 0.27), and woody has a newer
package (needed by sawfish 0.31.x).


  You can try building sawfish from the woody source deb. I don't know if
there were problems with the build or if the build daemon just hasn't
gotten around to it. Worth a try if you have the time and space.

  You can install the rep and sawmill packages from potato. These are a
bit out of date but they work.

The helix packages should be changed to reflect dependencies on specific
versions of rep. It might also be a good idea for idorulabs to include rep
packages along with the helix ones, if the distributors can't keep up with

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