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Re: problem booting from sda during installation


bothering you again, hope you won't mind. My mouse is really not working.
Means gpm too is not working, not just a problem with buttons, the cursor
in text mode does not show up and cursor in X shows up but doesn't move.
I'm back to the days when the SiS6215C card was just launched (for the
PC). Also man XF86Config is not working. Infact the man command just hangs
if the manual page is not there (there is no error message).
And where is "BenH's" web page? I'm new to the list.

On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Michael Schmitz wrote:

> > It's working great and right now I'm struggling with X configuration. 
> > Mouse is not working. My mouse fits into the keyboard and has 4 pins. 
> That would be an ADB mouse. Additional mouse buttons can be emulated by
> keys using the adb_buttons=1,x,y kernel option (x and y being the keycodes
> for the emulation keys). 
> > XF86Config has entries BusMouse and /dev/adbmouse . X reports that it is
> Up to BenH's 2.2.17-pre series, /dev/adbmouse was used for ADB mice, with
> the protocol set to BusMouse. Recently, mouse data have been switched to 
> /dev/input/mice with IMPS/2 procotol, see the description on BenH's web
> page on how to set up devices and mouse button there.
> 	Michael

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