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Re: USB mouse

Tuomas Kuosmanen wrote:

> > I have the mouse working now, turned out I had to plug it into the other
> > USB socket (the lower one). Is this normal or a bug?
> It works for me on both ports, even if I "hot-swap" it while X is running.

Strange - do you have USB built into the kernel or as modules (the latter for
me)? I'll try if it works on the upper port after it has worked on the lower

> But I am going to switch to XF4 at some point - I guess it has native
> rage128 acceleration?

Yes of course, though Xpmac has that, too - but AFAIK X 4 is about twice as
fast :)

> What do you mean by "much better experience"? :)

I was mostly thinking about performance.

> I assume the external display connector doesnt yet work for projector use?
> I'd assume it needs some kernel/whatever work to enable it?

I understand people have got it working by setting it up under MacOS and then
using offb - I haven't tried it, YMMV.


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