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Re: USB mouse

Hadess wrote:

> > I'm using 2.2.15 (yes, I know about the vulnerability ;), and I can
> > successfully load the usb-ohci, mouse and usbcore modules. But neither
> > gpm nor XFree86 work with /dev/usbmouse, protocol IMPS/2 (also tried mman
> > in gpm, no dice).
> Here are a few things you can try:
> - use hid module instead of mouse module

Will try that.

> - try "cat /dev/usbmouse" and move the mouse, see if any output

I redirected that to a file which was about 2 megs after a few seconds...
'file' said it was ASCII text, and the first few pages in 'more' were empty.

Does that imply anything?

> - see if gpm is really using the /dev/usbmouse or, if not, if /dev/mouse is
> a link to /dev/usbmouse
> - do all your tests as root, you'll avoid any problem that would be related
> to permissions

I played around with gpmconfig, so...

> - install a newer kernel like Ben's 2.2.17-preX, and read the changes at
> http://home.munich.netsurf.de/Franz.Sirl/inputppc.html and try to apply them

I'll do that sooner or later - are there any know problems left with those

> - when installed the new kernel, mount /proc/bus/usb and cat
> /proc/bus/usb/devices to see if the mouse is recognized by the usb stack and
> the ohci driver.

A syslog message suggested that the mouse is recognized.

> - take a look at http://www.qbik.ch/usb/devices/ to see if there is any
> problem reported with this very kind of mouse (although I doubt it, I've got
> 2 Logitech mouses, a Wingman Gaming Mouse and a Pilot Wheel Mouse working
> fine on my iMac)

I also doubt it because Tuomas recommended the mouse specifically for Pismos.

What protocol do you use? gpm and X 4 settings?

Thanks for the suggestions


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